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17 октября 2017, 09:37

iPhone 8 pre-orders are now open in Malaysia and it’s more expensive than you think

iPhone 8 Malaysia official pre-order

Apple’s latest iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are officially available for pre-order in Malaysia. If you order your unit today, it could be in your hands as early as next Friday, 20 October 2017. At the stroke of midnight, several telcos and authorised retailers have commenced online pre-order with the choice of free delivery or self-pickup at your preferred location.

When it comes to price, the iPhone 8 is the most expensive yet. This is to be expected since it now has a minimum of 64GB of storage but this time, it costs even more than buying one off the shelf in Singapore.

iPhone 8 official retail price in Malaysia

Based on the listings by Apple authorised reseller Switch and Machines, below is the official iPhone 8 price list for Malaysia.

iPhone 8 64GB – RM3,649
iPhone 8 256GB – RM4,399
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB – RM4,149
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB – RM4,899

With a starting price of RM3,649, these are the most expensive iPhone models yet. They are much higher than our initial price estimates and it’s surprising that it costs more than Singapore even if you factor our current high S$1 = RM3.10 conversion. Their iPhone 8 is priced from SGD1,148 (about RM3,583) and that’s about RM60-70 cheaper.

At this rate, expect the iPhone X with 64GB storage to be priced at about RM5,239 when it hits Malaysia. Looks like 11street’s iPhone 8 pre-order pricing was spot-on.

As a comparison, the iPhone 7/7 Plus was first released in Malaysia from RM3,199 and RM3,799 respectively. That’s RM450 more to pay for the latest baseline new iPhone.

Pre-order iPhone 8 without contract

Machines Online Store

Switch Online Store
On-ground locations:
Switch @Gurney Plaza Mall (Penang)
Switch @Queensbay Mall (Penang
Switch @Quill City Mall (Kuala Lumpur)
Switch @The Spring Mall (Sarawak)
More info: Switch iPhone 8 pre-order

Official Apple Malaysia
Apple Online Store

Pre-order iPhone 8 with telco contract

Since the iPhone 8 costs much higher now, you can enjoy extra subsidies with a telco contract. Pre-orders are available starting today at the following telcos:

Online Store

Online Store

Online Store

U Mobile
Online Store

So what do you guys think of the iPhone 8’s pricing? Are you getting one outright or are you considering a telco contract? Let us know in the comments below.

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Here’s the retail price for the entire iPhone lineup in Malaysia
U Mobile offers the iPhone 8 from RM2,140 on postpaid contract
Digi opens iPhone 8 pre-orders from RM2,170
Maxis offers the iPhone 8 from RM1,970
Celcom offers additional RM100 off if you pre-order the iPhone 8 today

Source: http://www.soyacincau.com/2017/10/13/iphone-8-malaysia-official-pre-order-pricing/